Hi, I’m Sonny Nguyen, Sonny in short (or Sơn Nguyễn in Vietnamese).

As a designer, art director, based in Vietnam, I have 10+ years experienced in UI Design (Web, App), Visual Brand Identity Design, Ads & Marketing Design, Publishing Design. Since late 2018, I’ve been focused more on 3D world (Modeling, Concept Art, 3D Product Visualization, CGI Photography) & Motion Graphics.

I’m (world-wide) available for freelance jobs, remote working contracts and personal collaboration projects. So, if you have any interesting projects or you are just looking for a co-op game player, just drop some lines to my email ✉️: hello@sonny-nguyen.com // hi.sonnynguyen@gmail.com or use the form below or just click “chat” button on the bottom-right to discuss further.

I also have a Youtube channel where I upload my tutorials for Blender and design. You can watch and subscribe here!

Oh, one more thing, you can:

Cheers 🍻 and peace ✌


TechUp, Ven Agency, Happy Skin, Omi, Twins Skin, Zea Education, Slate Studio, 72+ Golf Academy, Mpire, Pana Motion, BizDirect, Hoang Hung Law, Knapsack for Hope, Suga Network, Chucos, Cenlia, SolarBK, Vietba Media, Lamoi Studio, Toong Co-Working Space, Mchannel, Soo Young, MoraMora Coffee, Sport House, Tennis House, Running House, TalkTv, EuroStyle, YBM, Ohsho, Stage Marketing, Viewfinder, Sazi Hotel, Platinum Cineplex, …

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