{late} 2020 – {early} 2021, I’ve worked with Ven Agency to created a bunch of 3D product visualization shots for Stemlab‘s products. This is the showcase for “Hydra+ Rejuvenating Cream” product.

2D label, packaging design by Tien Pham


Hi! I would like to know how you did the reflection of the shadow of the palm leaf and the cream sample. you are amazing! I’m really looking forward to a tutorial, thank you! I’m going to subscribe on youtube right now, I can’t wait for that tutorial hahaha, it would help me a lot since there are no tutorials on that (or I haven’t found one)

Yes, the cream stain is on my Youtube already. For “the shadow reflection”, actually, it’s on my tutorial plan notebook last week. So yeah, it’s coming and don’t forget to check it on my channel.

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