Hi, I’m Sonny Nguyen (or you can call me Sơn Nguyễn in Vietnamese).

As a designer, art director, based in Vietnam, I have over 10 years experienced in Graphic Design (Branding, Marketing Materials, Editorial), Advertising, Digital Design (Web, App Design). Since 2018, I’ve been focused more on 3D world (Modeling, Concept Art, 3D Product Visualization) & Motion Graphics.

I’m available for freelance work, remote working contract and personal collaboration project. So, if you have any interesting project or you are looking for a co-op player, just drop some lines to my email:
hello@sonny-nguyen.com or use the form below.

I have a Youtube channel where I upload my tutorials for Blender and design. You can watch and subscribe my channel here!

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Cheers 🍻 and peace ✌

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